Welcome to Steve Saunders Goldwing Page, a Honda Goldwing motorcycle enthusiasts resource. Home to the worlds largest and most helpful independent Goldwing Community/Forum created  to help with your Goldwing problems and questions, this Goldwing enthusiasts resource also provides free Honda Goldwing maintenance articles, Goldwing photo gallery, Goldwing buyers guide, Goldwing owners reports, video clips and lots more. I hope that fellow Honda Goldwing owners all over the world benefit from and enjoy their visits to this humble Goldwing resource.


The largest Goldwing community help forum in the world. How-to articles, photo gallery, blog and more for Goldwing enthusiasts everywhere. Join the largest Goldwing community forum in the world, post Goldwing and other motorcycle related items for sale here and also upload your Goldwing pictures to the members picture gallery. With over 1.7 million posts and 47,000 members in our continually growing forums,  you might want to have a bit of time to spare before you start reading...

Goldwing How-To Tutorials on many aspects of repair and maintenance including fitting GL1500 Timing Belts, GL1800 Honda CD Player, Honda CB Radio, air filter, GL1500 swingarm replacement and many more. Plenty of pictures with each article and some video tutorials included.

Goldwingers and their machines
from all over the world. Hundreds of Honda Goldwing pictures available here, in addition to thousands of pictures posted by members of the forum in the dedicated Photo Gallery.

If you like to bore your drinking buddies with your knowledge ofthe Honda Goldwing, this might interest you.

What to look out for and roughly what to pay before parting with the cash for a GL1100, 1200, 1500 "Oldwing", or the newer Honda GL1800.

Honda Goldwing maintenance tips. Something here may save you time, frustration or money and it's all free.

Some of the more common technical questions people ask about their Honda Goldwings.

Stories and articles from Honda Goldwing owners everywhere about their machines and travels. IncludingGL1800 owners reports.

Honda Goldwing related video clips, many of which were taken in Irish settings and which may appeal to the Irish living away from home, as well as Goldwing owners.

Articles and pictures on places to see in our Emerald Isle.

By John Wheeler, former General Secretary of MAG Ireland and editor of "Roadrunner" magazine. Courses are available for beginners and advanced riders and a comprehensively insured training motorcycle is available for those who don't yet have their own machine.

Check out the handlebar bracket that I made to take the CD player and heated grip controllers on my previous GL1500 Goldwings. Also, have a look at the security lock that I designed some years ago for a former daily runabout, a Suzuki Burgman.

If you get bored here, other Goldwing related places of interest for you to visit online.



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