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Overheating gl 1800

Hello everyone. I am from Argentina, I have a Gold Wing 1800, 2004 eight years ago and about two years ago I started with low speed overheating (20 miles). I changed the two radiators and fans (I put of 2006, bigger) the ECT sensor, water pump, thermostat and ECM, the operation of the fans as of factory. It improved a lot, in parade the temperature stays normal (in the middle of the marker) but climbing a hill starts the problem of overheating, it rises until it could reach the red, I do not leave it, I must stop and wait for it to turn the temperature. One query and one question: what else could be related to the fault, could be the IAC sensor? Six years no problem and then started this. That is my doubt please any suggestions will be welcome. Thank you very much.
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