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Originally Posted by edromero View Post
Im not sure how this is supposed to look on my 1990 gl 1500, but m guessing the drive shaft shouldnt be dripping. How badly is this going to hurt my pocketbook?
Pinion bearing is a fairly common issue on these bikes. The final drive holds very little lube. The assembly runs hot and many tend to forget to service them. If you put all 3 together you can understand why the bearing fails. Once the bearing fails the seal can't seal to the shaft as it is moving all over the place. There should be zero play in the input shaft at the final drive. Check that when /if you do the seal. If the shaft moves save the work and replace the bearing.
If the final is not noisy you might just run it and keep an eye on the fluid level. A few drops of oil can make things look pretty messy when mixed with dust and dirt. That would be completely up to you. Also be sure the vent is open. If it is plugged pressure can build internally and push the oil out.


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