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Honda Goldwing GL1200, GL1100 and GL1000 Stator Quick Output Check.

By Steve Saunders.


This page shows me checking the voltage output on a Honda Goldwing GL1200 Aspencade stator. The procedure is the same on all variants of the GL1200, GL1100 and GL1000 Goldwings. I made a video clip of the GL1200 stator being tested, it is at the end of the page.

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If you suspect that the your Honda GL1200, GL1100 or GL1000 Goldwing stator is going bad, you can do a simple and quick check using a multi-meter. With the engine running, I set the meter to 20 volts and connect the plus and minus probes to the Goldwings battery positive and negative terminals. The initial reading you see here is telling me what voltage is in the battery, and this battery is reading full because I charged it before the test. I need to know what the stator is actually putting out. 


With the meter still connected, I raised the GL1200 engine rpm and kept an eye on the meter reading. It should have increased to about 13.5 or 14 volts.


The reading didn't increase at all, instead dropping a tiny bit. Another clue that your Goldwing stator is suspect, is when you raise the engine rpm and the headlight doesn't get any brighter.


Now I am going to check the output from each of the three stator yellow wires. There is usually a white connector block here, but many Goldwing owners cut it out and solder the wires for a better connection. So I will need to probe each stator wire.


The meters minus probe is connected to the GL1200 battery negative terminal or another good ground. Engine running and probing through the insulation on the first stator wire. Over 4 volts is normal. Raising the engine rpm brought it up a bit more and 4-5 volts is good.


Probing the second wire. Again over 4 volts.


Last wire. Under 2 volts. That is no good. Adding up the total voltage for the three wires gives me under 10 volts, which is useless. Over 12 volts is needed to charge a 12 volt battery, and 13-14 volts is to be expected from a healthy Goldwing stator. The engine will be coming out of this GL1200 Aspencade for a new stator to be fitted.