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 Honda Goldwing GL1500 Audio Console Removal.

By Steve Saunders.



Removing the audio console from a Honda GL1500 Goldwing, instructions and photos. Some service and maintenance tasks on your Honda GL1500 Goldwing entail removal of the audio console. It doesn't take too long to remove the console, and no special tools are needed.

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First thing is to remove the saddle from your Goldwing and I'm guessing you all know how to do that already. Then lift the ignition cover away, pulling it up and out of the grommets as shown, and gently ease the other end away from the instruments cover. This cover has the Hondaline audio fader control. Leave it to one side still connected to the wire harness.

ignitioncoveroff.jpg (99158 bytes)


Now remove the plastic shield from each side of the GL1500 console, below the handlebars.

stemcoveroff.jpg (109558 bytes)


Open the fuel filler door and pull the two white plastic levers (one each side) outwards.

consoleclip.jpg (110093 bytes)


Now remove the two 10mm console acorn nuts.

consolenutsoff.jpg (113039 bytes)


While lifting the rear of the console up, gently disengage the front legs of the console from the slots under the fairing pockets and the instruments cover.

consoleoff.jpg (123141 bytes)

consoleaway.jpg (127676 bytes)


With the console lifted clear, you can fully remove it by disconnecting the wire harness and antenna lead from under this rubber boot. Or you can take the lazy way out and just support the console to one side as I did here.

consolerubber.jpg (104143 bytes)

consoletoside.jpg (118189 bytes)


When reinstalling the console to your GL1500, remember to locate the front leg lugs into the slots under the fairing pockets and against the instruments cover.

consolelug.jpg (102444 bytes)


Push the console down at the rear and swivel the white plastic levers back into the locking position. Then replace the two 10mm acorn nuts.

consoleclipin.jpg (68214 bytes)

consolenutsoff.jpg (113039 bytes)


Replace the plastic shields so the lugs shown sit in the console edge...

stemcoveroff.jpg (109558 bytes)


...and the front lug slots into the instruments cover.

stemcoverin.jpg (114151 bytes)


Replace the ignition cover.

ignitioncoveron.jpg (120424 bytes)