Bikers Workshop Series

Honda Goldwing GL1500 Forks Removal.

By Steve Saunders.



Removing the forks from a Honda Goldwing GL1500, instructions with photos. The procedure is the same for all 1988-2000 GL1500 Goldwing models.

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First thing is to secure your GL1500 Goldwing so it doesn't fall when you pull the front end out. Having the GL1500 front wheel an inch or two off the floor will make it easier to roll the wheel out later.

gl15onblocks.jpg (165957 bytes)


Pull the Goldwing fender rear trims off.

gl15fendertrimoff.jpg (149920 bytes)


Remove the 8mm bolt here...

gl15rotorcoverbolt.jpg (124929 bytes)


...and the two here...

gl15rotorcoverbolts.jpg (139256 bytes)


...don't lose the spacers from the bottom two...

gl15rotorcoverspacer.jpg (80634 bytes)


...and pull the rotor cover off. Do the same on the left side.

gl15rotorcoveroff2.jpg (149090 bytes)


Pull off the ignition cover and the two plastic console fillers.

gl15ignitioncover.jpg (132805 bytes)

gl15tunnelpiece.jpg (117879 bytes)


Remove the two brake caliper bracket Allen bolts and pull the whole bracket/caliper assembly away from your Goldwing.

gl15caliperbracketbolt.jpg (136845 bytes)

gl15caliperoff.jpg (113467 bytes)


Remove the large axle bolt.

gl15axlebolt.jpg (109007 bytes)

gl15axleboltout.jpg (98169 bytes)


Loosen the two 12mm lower pinch bolts on each fork leg.

gl15axlepinchbolts.jpg (115552 bytes)


Now push the axle through and remove it.

gl15axleout1.jpg (132413 bytes)

gl15axleout2.jpg (127611 bytes)


Don't lose the right side spacer when you roll the wheel out.

gl15fwheelspacer.jpg (108172 bytes)


If you decided to leave the speedometer drive connected to the cable, unhook it from the bracket and let the drive and cable dangle with the rear fender when you remove that later.

gl15speedocable.jpg (130007 bytes)

gl15speedodrive.jpg (120766 bytes)


A closer look at the GL1500 speedometer drive...

gl15speedocablescrew.jpg (112942 bytes)

gl15speedodriveout.jpg (106416 bytes)

gl15speedodrive2.jpg (112312 bytes)


...and where it is driven from in the wheel.

gl15speedowheeldrive.jpg (155885 bytes)


Time to roll the wheel out of the Goldwing.

gl15fwheelout.jpg (174730 bytes)


Pop the fork trim cover bolt caps off and remove the two Allen bolts and the trim.

gl15forktrimcap.jpg (121069 bytes)

gl15forktrimbolt.jpg (117274 bytes)


Don't lose the spacers.

forktrimboltout.jpg (83643 bytes)


Now remove the four bolts which go through the fork legs and fender...

gl15fenderbolts.jpg (137980 bytes)


...and into this bracket.

gl15fenderplate.jpg (123352 bytes)


Remove the two 10mm bolts holding the lower part of the front part of the fender to the fork legs...

gl15fenderlowbolts.jpg (122176 bytes)

gl15fenderrlegbolt.jpg (101652 bytes)


...and remove the front part of the fender.

gl15fenderfrontoff.jpg (128183 bytes)


Now remove the 10mm bolt from each side and remove the rear part of the front fender.

gl15fenderboltrear.jpg (117543 bytes)


Loosen the 10mm pinch bolt at the top of each fork leg...

gl15forkbolt1.jpg (121656 bytes)


...and the two Allen bolts lower down...

gl15forklowerbolts.jpg (105120 bytes)


...and slide the fork legs out.

gl15forkout.jpg (141923 bytes)