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Replacing GL1500 Goldwing Front Brake Pads.

By Steve Saunders.


Replacing front brake pads on a Honda GL1500 Goldwing, instructions and photos. This is an easy enough job if you have some basic mechanical aptitude. The GL1500 Goldwing utilizes a fairly basic Honda two-caliper, two pistons in each caliper braking setup at the front end. Very similar brake pad replacement procedure to earlier Goldwings.

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Crud and corrosion are your Goldwings usual enemy. Clean up as much as you can, especially the pistons (before pushing them back in) so the dirt won't damage the seals in the caliper.

gl15caliperpistons.jpg (153312 bytes)


There are several ways to push the GL1500 pistons in to make room for the new brake pads, a couple are shown below. If they are stubborn, you may need to loosen the bleed nipple while pushing the pistons back. As soon as the pads are all the way back, hold them back and nip up the bleed nipple. Holding the pistons back will stop air getting in through the bleed nipple while you nip it up.

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gl15brakepads.jpg (157963 bytes)


Apply a smear of copper or anti-squeal grease to the back and edges (metal parts where they contact the caliper body) of the new brake pads, also the caliper pins and anti-rattle plate and pop the plate back in. Then push the pads in and hold them there while you put the caliper pins back in.

gl15padsopen.jpg (139648 bytes)

gl15newpadsin.jpg (180243 bytes)


Nip the caliper pins up lightly. You can tighten them properly when the caliper is refitted to the fork leg. Grease caliper-bracket slider pins and slide the caliper onto the bracket. The GL1500 Goldwing caliper is a floating type, so make sure it moves freely, with no tight spots or excessive side play.

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gl15caliperbracketon.jpg (127319 bytes)


With the caliper and bracket slipped back over the GL1500 Goldwing brake disc, copper grease, refit and and tighten up the mounting bolts and then tighten the caliper pins. Grease and refit the pin caps. Pump the brake lever and rear brake pedal (for the linked caliper) to push the new pads out towards the disc. If you had to open the bleed nipple earlier to push the pistons back, top up the lost fluid now. Ride the Goldwing slowly for a few feet, pumping the brakes a few times until they feel right. If all is well and you don't get any strange scraping or clunking noises, then you can refit the rotor cover.

gl15caliperboltcap.jpg (155256 bytes)

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With the rotor cover in place, fit the top bracket/hose clamp as shown below. Both parts fit over the rotor cover, not under it.

gl15brakehoseclamp2.jpg (123144 bytes)

gl15brakehoseclamp3.jpg (95437 bytes)

gl15brakehoseclampin.jpg (144133 bytes)


Pop the fender trim back in place, flush with the rear fender as shown so it won't fall off. It's a good idea to put your other hand up behind the fender and hold the rubber grommet steady while popping the trim piece in, so as to prevent the grommet being pushed out and lost. GL1500 fender trims are not cheap to buy.

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