Bikers Workshop Series

Repairing a GL1500 Starter/Reverse Switch.

By Steve Saunders.


The starter/reverse button on this GL1500 Goldwing was giving problems, causing the Goldwings starter motor to stall while reversing and not turn over the engine at times. New switch assemblies for the GL1500 Goldwing aren't cheap so it was worth opening this one up to see if the starter/reverse button could be fixed. Fortunately, this one was just sticking due to dirty contacts and weak springs and I was able to repair it.
The starter motor was also running a bit slowly and in need of overhaul, with 110,000 miles racked up on this GL1500. That will be covered in another article.

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The picture below shows the throttle cables being removed. Take care not to damage the plastic throttle sleeve where the cables fit. Some grease on the  cable ends and the handlebar at reassembly time will help smooth the throttle action.


When you refit the springs and contacts, make sure the contacts move in and out freely when you press them.

Once the switch is reassembled and ready to fit back on the handlebars, make sure the locating plate locks the switch housing into its proper location.