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Removing a GL1500 Goldwing Windshield.

By Steve Saunders.


Honda GL1500 Goldwing windshield removal, instructions and photos. Of all the Honda Goldwing models, the GL1500 windshield is easy enough to change. If you decide to treat your Goldwing to a new windshield or need to remove it for any reason, Honda didn't make it too much of a big job. The things to watch out for on the GL1500 are the windshield mounting bracket locations when refitting, and being gentle when removing the windshield garnish below the windshield. The notes on the pictures below explain it all.
 If you have never removed the windshield from a GL1500 Goldwing before, you should still manage to do the job in under an hour.

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gl15windshieldremoval1.jpg (110589 bytes)

gl15windshieldremoval2.jpg (141022 bytes)

gl15windshieldremoval3.jpg (127803 bytes)

gl15windshieldremoval10.jpg (150264 bytes)

gl15windshieldremoval4.jpg (124754 bytes)

gl15headlightremoval26.jpg (152643 bytes)


The next two pictures show the windshield garnish pulled forward and out of the fairing. On 1995-2000 models the garnish slots into a bracket above the headlight (see the picture above). Just tip the top of the garnish a bit away from the windshield and gently wiggle it to the left (your left as you stand in front of the Goldwing) and up off the bracket.

gl15windshieldremoval5.jpg (117111 bytes)

gl15windshieldremoval6.jpg (136313 bytes)

gl15windshieldremoval7.jpg (115271 bytes)

gl15windshieldremoval8.jpg (108608 bytes)

gl15windshieldremoval9.jpg (91223 bytes)

Refitting is simply the reverse of the above.