Bikers Workshop Series

Fitting Hondaline CD Player To GL1800.

By Steve Saunders.


The Hondaline CD player was announced for the GL1800 late in 2000, ready to ship around the same time as the new Honda Goldwing itself. The early player wasn't without problems however and in 2002 a separate (improved) mounting kit was supplied. The main difference with the new kit was that you now had to remove the trunk from the GL1800 to fit the mounting brackets. The procedure for fitting the later unit is outlined here. Note that this article covers the pre-2006 model, from 2006 on the meter panel removal is different and not described here.

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First disconnect the battery. Then it's off with the saddle. When you remove the Allen bolts, firmly push the riders backpad rearwards until the two white tabs at the front of the saddle clear the shelter bracket. Then just lift the front up and away from the Goldwing. Check that the rubber spacers under the saddle (where the bolts go through) are still in place.Tip; Use plenty of soft cloths to cover any panels that are even remotely at risk from falling bolts, screwdrivers etc. GL1800 plastics are even more expensive than those for older Goldwing models.


Inside the trunk, remove the five screws holding the lock mechanism cover in place. Note that the bottom two are fine threads and shouldn't be mixed up with the self tappers, unless you really like ruining Goldwing parts. Disconnect the two saddlebag cables from the mechanism.


Number plate and bracket off, then the five bolts holding the rear fender (all highlighted in green). Unclip the fender. Tip; The middle bolt is different to the other ones, don't mix them up.


The trunk mouldings and lower cover have to be removed as well. First picture shows the side trim screws to be removed (highlighted), the two screws under them are for the lower cover and should be removed as well. Repeat this on the other side of the trunk. Pull the side trims off. Second picture shows the screws to be removed for the long trim to be unclipped. Third picture shows the remaining screws that hold the lower cover in place. Slide the cover (carefully) towards the rear of the bike and free of the trunk & saddlebag  levers.


Remove the three nuts holding the trunk lights in place and pull the lights out. Disconnect the bulb holders and pull the wires down through the holes in the trunk. Second picture shows the large connector block to disconnect and picture three shows the other connectors to be unhooked. You can see where I have the Electrical Connections accessory (fitted between the blue connector block) that allows the trunk brake light to act as a running light as well. Unclip any cable ties that you can see. At this point, if you have the Hondaline passenger audio controller fitted, you should remove the trunk pockets by taking out the three screws inside the trunk, right behind each pocket. Last picture shows two of the trunk mounting bolts removed, the other two are just at the rear and out of view in this picture. Don't forget to pull out the helmet holder knobs, they usually pop out easily enough. Take a good look and note how the wires are routed so you don't get it wrong at reassembly time.


These two pictures show the trunk tipped forward. I left some of the wires in place as I was a bit lazy that morning and wanted to save time, so I opted to tip the trunk forward rather than remove it fully. Our lunchtime football came in handy and kept the trunk from going too far forward onto the Goldwings frame.


Standing at the rear of the bike and looking at the trunk base, you can see the rubber grommet (right side) to be removed in the first picture. Remove the other grommet on the left side as well. Position the supplied cardboard template over the grommet hole as shown in the second picture, making sure that the highlighted side is flush with the edge of the lip as shown. Then use an awl or punch to mark the spots where you will be drilling the 22mm holes. Repeat on the left side. Then drill the holes. Don't forget to put the grommets back.


Now it's time to drill the 28mm hole in the base of the trunk for the players wire harness to pass through (left side hole). I've also drilled the hole on the right side as I was fitting the Hondaline CB radio at the same time as the Hondaline CD player. Honda have the positions of the holes marked precisely. Tip; If you are fitting the old type mounts, you don't need to remove the trunk to drill the hole. With the saddle removed, you can get a 28mm holesaw and heat it with a butane torch and just melt the hole in the trunk.


Time to fit the Hondaline player mounting brackets. First picture shows the left side bracket sitting loosely and below that you can just see the cardboard F template sitting astride the frame member. Second picture is the view from the inside and you can see better where the bracket must touch the template. Make sure the bracket is fitted the right way around as shown, otherwise it won't fit through the 22mm holes you drilled earlier. Fit the clamp to the bottom of the bracket and bolt it in position. Repeat for the bracket on the right side.


Refit the trunk and connect all the wires you removed before going any further. Before you bolt the trunk down, check that all the rear lights and saddlebag latches on the GL1800 function properly and that all the wires are routed properly, you really don't want to have to take it all apart again over something silly later on!


  With the trunk refitted, pop the Hondaline CD player and cage into place. The CD unit is easy to screw into the cage so no need for pictures of that. Use the big chromed Allen bolts (highlighted in green) to screw the cage onto the visible mounting brackets (now you know why you had to drill the four 22mm holes) that you fitted earlier. The two small brass-coloured self tappers just behind the front chrome bolts will need to be removed and binned for the unit to open. Put a small dab of grease on the spring clip each side and on the two holes (highlighted in red) for the cover to slide along. You can see the CB radio that I was fitting as well. The Hondaline CB wire harness goes through the right side hole as shown in the first picture and the CD player harness goes through the left one.


The plastic cover for the unit has to slot in position as shown in the left picture. Once it's in place you can close the unit and fit the large chrome Allen bolts. Job done. Tip; Before you bolt the cover down, make sure that the hinged flap (where it meets the trunk) is turned upwards as shown in the second picture, rather than down, or it will most certainly break off in record time.


The highlighted connector in the rubber boot is where the Hondaline CD player plugs into, the other highlighted foam covered plug is the one coming from the CD player that plugs into it. When you've connected everything up, test the operation of the CD player before refitting the saddle to the Goldwing.