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Fitting Foglights to a pre-2006 GL1800.

By Steve Saunders.


An extra bit of light is always useful at the front of a Goldwing, and the foglight kits supplied by Honda, Electrical Connections and others are in plentiful supply. I have the Electrical Connections kit on my GL1800. The man who owned the 2002 model GL1800 in this tutorial bought one of the Showchrome foglight kits and asked me to fit them to the bike. Allow about an hour to do this job. The fitting procedure for the Honda and Electrical Connectiions kits is about the same. If you need more than just the pictures and instructions here, go to the end of the page and download the video clip!

Click the thumbnails for a bigger image.


I usually start by removing the lower cowl from the GL1800. Remove the Allen head bolts and the plastic clips highlighted in the pictures. You don't need to remove all the clips from the upper black plastic panel as the cowl will slip out from under it easily by just removing the lower ones.

These are the foglight mounting brackets with the rubber grommets attached. The first picture shows the brackets as they will appear when viewed from the front of the Goldwing, in other words the bracket on the left of the picture will mount onto the right side of the engine. Fit the flange collars in the grommets from the back, ie from the side of the brackets that will be facing the engine as highlighted in the second picture.

After removing the black plastic shield (two 8mm head bolts) from the cylinder heads of the GL1800, it's time to mount the brackets. On the right side you need to put the smallest supplied spacer (you can see it in my fingers)  under the middle mounting point. You will be using the three short bolts to mount the bracket on this side. On the left side you will be putting a spacer behind each mounting point (the long one goes in the middle) and securing the bracket with the three long bolts supplied. Don't forget to use the large washers that came with the kit. The second picture shows the foglight adjuster highlighted.

When installing the foglights, make sure that the slotted tab sits between the head of the adjuster screw and the washer, then put the smaller brass coloured flange collars into the upper rubbers on the foglight and use the short screws to secure the foglights in place. The second picture shows the connector block for the foglight (right side), the one for the left side is just a bit further to the left and out of picture. These are taped onto the wiring so you just need to untape them and connect up to the foglight. Don't forget to cable tie them up out of the way.

Now remove the left side fairing trim piece. Just gently pry it from the bottom inside part and work your way up. You won't need any tools for this. After removing the Allen bolt from the headlight light adjuster/hazard light panel, pull the panel out and pull off the black cover from the rear of the unit. Remove the two small screws holding the blank switch and put the new switch in its place. Then locate the black 4-pin connector block in the rubber boot (second and third pictures) and plug the supplied harness into it, the other end plugging into the black connector from the new switch and then just plug the supplied relay into the last part of the harness (second picture).  

After cutting out the blanking plates in the cowl, test to make sure everything works and that the foglights are properly adjusted. Don't put the cowl back until you are happy with the adjustment. Refit the headlight light adjuster/hazard light panel and the fairing trim piece and that's it.


If you want to download the video tutorial, right-click the link here and "save-as" to a location on your computer. It's a large file so will take a while to download. If you have a fast connection then just click the link and play the clip live in your Windows Media Player.
Foglight fitting video tutorial (Windows WMV format). 6 minutes, 42 seconds playing time. 11.2 megabytes file size.