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Recovering GL1800 keys locked in right side fairing pocket.

By Steve Saunders.



This is a well known method of rescuing your GL1800 keys if you ever lock them in the right fairing pocket. All you need is a 5mm Allen Key and you will be able to recover your Goldwing keys in a couple of minutes. This works on all Honda GL1800 Goldwing models.

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I know I'm not the first person to lock his keys in the right pocket of a GL1800 Goldwing, in fact I think about two or three times for me personally.

GL1800Lockout2.JPG (156421 bytes) GL1800Lockout3.JPG (215514 bytes)


Pull the fairing edge trim off the Goldwing carefully. Start at the bottom, unclipping it by pulling it up from the inside out towards the right.

GL1800Lockout4.JPG (191377 bytes) GL1800Lockout1.JPG (185368 bytes)


With the trim removed, a 5mm Allen key will be needed to remove the panel.

GL1800Lockout5.JPG (160566 bytes) GL1800Lockout7.JPG (175174 bytes)


Pull the panel out and put your finger under the exposed part of the cable. Put a slight upward pull on the cable and the lid will pop open. The video clip (link at the end of the page) below shows this working on a 2008 Premium Audio model and it works on all GL1800 Goldwing variants.

GL1800Lockout8.JPG (183206 bytes) GL1800Lockout9.JPG (170213 bytes)


CLICK HERE to download the high quality 1280x720 pixels video clip (Running time 1.08 minutes in WMV format, download size 35MBs)

CLICK HERE to download the low resolution 320x240 pixels video clip (Running time 1.08 minutes in WMV format, download size 3.5MBs)