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GL1800 Meter Panel Removal, 2006 and later models.

By Steve Saunders.


Honda GL1800 Goldwing Meter Panel Removal instructions, with photos and video. Meter panel removal on Honda Goldwing GL1800 models from 2006 on is easier than on the earlier models, in that you don't have to pry the speaker grilles off to get to any bolts. The later GL1800 Meter panel basically pulls away from the dash, and you just need to unplug the main connector block near the ignition, and the small speakers at the back of the Meter panel. 

Youtube video tutorial available bottom of the page, the video clip also available as a direct download.

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On all Honda GL1800 Goldwings from 2006, the panel is clipped into place and not bolted like earlier models. Pull the panel ignition end up and the speaker ends back from the dash, towards the rear of the Goldwing.

GL1800AirFilter7.jpg (176562 bytes)  GL1800AirFilter8.jpg (332043 bytes)


The Meter panel is connected to the GL1800 dash area by the large connector shown below. This can be fiddly to unplug, press the tab firmly and pull the connector out of the socket.

GL1800AirFilter9.jpg (208662 bytes)  GL1800AirFilter10.jpg (213348 bytes)

GL1800AirFilter11.jpg (230383 bytes)  GL1800AirFilter12.jpg (210195 bytes)


Unplug the small speakers at the back of the Meter Panel and put the panel to one side.

GL1800AirFilter14.jpg (126967 bytes)  GL1800AirFilter16.jpg (121735 bytes)

GL1800AirFilter17.jpg (107468 bytes)






If the Youtube clip isn't working for you, you can download the video directly;

CLICK HERE to download the high resolution video clip, 45 seconds WMV video. 1280x720, 24MBs file size.

CLICK HERE to download the low resolution video clip, 45 seconds WMV video. 320x240, 2.5MBs file size.