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I don't have a 1500 so my CT will not fit your bike. I have a Kumho Ecsta Run on Flat on my 1800 that I put on there 3 years ago to make a trip to Alaska. I had an Avon Venom that bulged at the sidewall and felt like sponge rubber after 3,000 miles and a Dunlop E3 that separated across the tread at less than 2,000 miles. In the first 7 years of owning the bike I went through 10 rear tires.

1: Tread last a lot longer, usually got 8-12K on a rear tire (2 up trailering). I have had this one on for over 24K and will probably change it out at the end of this riding season.
2: It takes just slightly more pressure on the handlebars to keep the bike in a turn. Once I got past the first 50 miles I did not notice it any more.
3: Much harder to get on the rim than the bike tire due to the very stiff sidewalls.
4: Slightly smoother ride .... this may be just my imagination....

No real change to the bikes handling and performance once you get used to the tire.

No real negatives for me yet...of course I haven't tried getting it off yet either!!


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Yes that is ice on the fender!!!
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Austone rear, love it. Not much else to say since Chromo (I think) said it all.

I hit black ice twice last year, it started to slip out but as long as I didn't drop the throttle suddenly or a lot that wider tires footprint created more drag than the MT does. It straightened me out = confidence booster.

I just finished the head bearings and replaced the Battlax BT45 130/70-18 with a Battlax BT45 130/80-18 (no typo). Got a little scary when I put on the fender brace. Tire to brace clearance was a hair under 1/8 inch (3mm to you udd'r folks). Then when I installed the 2 part fender, there were 2 screws on the chrome extension that were hitting the tire. No biggie, ground them flush. Another scare,... when I gave the tire a spin the new tire nubbs were buzzing on the fender brace. Sandpaper block took care of that noise.

#1 WOW!!! the whole bike actually feels higher with 2 taller tires.
#2 WOW!!! sure is a difference between a well used front tire and a new one. Twitchy & snappy is the steering input.
#3 WOW!!! sure is super EZ to set the center stand. Side stand, it leans over a bit more.

Have not had any time on it yet except around the block test.
MORE INFO when I get some time on this setup.

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This is really interesting I'm learning a lot about the Darkside that you just never hear...

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Originally Posted by ALEX BERECZKY View Post
Conversely, my CT is Smaller than the stock E3, therefore making for Higher rpm's during cruise ...I also see no effect on Mileage.

I believe this goes to prove that Engine RPM is less important in terms of mpg's, than is Aerodynamic Drag ...eg You'd probably get higher mpg's using a smaller windshield (with less drag) than changing the gearing via different tire diameter; or for that matter, adding an Overdrive Gear as some have wished for.
I agree with this thought - although that is a subject for another thread and I do not wish to hijack the conversation.

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I have an 1800 with the CT. LOVE IT! Someone said the difference between 1500 and 1800 could make a difference.

PurplePirate: You live close enough where some day we could meet up and you take my 1800 for a spin. I have been 100 mph+ (short time), high speed hard lean corners, and now practicing slow speed, scrapping parking lot cornering.

In one month of having this tire, I have put 5,000 miles on it and LOVE IT! Did an Iron Butt run of 2,000 miles right when I put it on. Great way to test this sucker! Rode 68 miles of "mountain rain" and never felt fear like I did when I was on an E3. Had an E3 on my 1500 too. Rain spooked me with a MT. This CT didn't change my ride as much as some people say it does. My thought: If I get on any motorcycle, I have to learn how it performs. Might be just like mine, might be some what different. No big deal. You learn it and ride it. It is your bike and you learn the traits. I was shocked how fast I took to the CT. Shake the mental fears and all was good then. Now I pushed hard cornering and never even consider this is a CT. My parents were behind me in a car and said the sight of that big wheel on its side was interesting! They can't believe how far that bike leans!

One last thing. I use to scrape pegs with MT. Now, I take the same corners and off/on ramps and no scrapping. Hmmm. I am now pushing higher speeds just to find my pegs. LOVE IT!

Pic was just taken the other day. 5,000 miles on it. The nipples on the left side are gone. The right side has just a few hanging on yet. I am practicing harder right hand corners. Tire shows I favor my left handers!
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Short and sweet answer.......

I have an Austone on the 1500 and hate it, not the tire itself, but how the tire makes my bike feel at higher speeds, not a safe feeling. I'm sure there are many variables as to why some of us feel this and others don't.

I have a Yoko run flat on my 1800 and will never run anything else, love that tire!!

I think a ct gives the safety and affordability that makes sense to me.

(Drugged up right now so if that doesn't make sense, sorry)

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There is a strange sensation at high speeds on my bike as well. Feels like the rear end is swaying back and forth. HOWEVER.....it was there while the old E3 was on it as well. To get to that feeling I have to hit 85. Past my comfort zone anyway, so no rips given from me.
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Just to jump in here with an 1800 experience, I would no way, no how ever in my lifetime go back to a MC tire on the rear of my bike. It is simply, hands down the best modification I have made to the 2 1800s I have owned. I have over 125,000 miles on as best I can remember 10 car tires of 5 different brands/types and never a negative experience with one.

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Oh - THAT guy...
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And I love the darkside/Darth sticker...
Gotta get one.

Vote one for year-round riding! Austone Darksider PVT (Passenger Vehicle Tire)

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another gl1800 experience

While not a gl1500, I also like the darkside. There are many choices. Here are things in my experience that you may also find...
  • While you will "figure it out" after about an hour on the darkside, it really becomes second nature after a 1000 miles, maybe 2000. I have 5K on my first CT. While I am most likely never going back, I will probably try other car tires to see what I like best.
  • Tire pressure is very important and your pressure will vary by riding style, load on the bike, riding conditions, road conditions. I have found that more air is not necessarily better. There are people who swear 28lbs in a particular tire is perfect and others decry that 40lbs is perfect for the same tire. So play around with it. I am keeping a log.
  • Uneven areas, especially at low speeds, need more care and diligence. A CT will really wants to find the lowest point. Easy to watch for, but you'll lay the bike over if you forget.
  • If you are VERY aggressive, the front may slip out first . While I never approach that level of aggressiveness, others have and posted warnings.
  • For double dark, watch out for 2 and 3 compound tires if you are aggressive, the edges tend to wear faster on those types of tires.
  • You'll love went, leaf strewn, twisty roads, the darkside does not care about such things. Of course the downside is investing in heated waterproof gear.
  • If you choose run flat - get a TPMS. At speed several have complained that they did not know the tire was flat (zero pressure) until they tried to stop and things got squirrely.
For me - the cost, long life, run flat properties were big selling points. Now with 5K on the tire, I am very happy.

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