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I just received an e-mail from the organizers of the Storm the Fortress of Louisbourg saying that they are half way to the maximum riders allowed. Only 300 bikes will be permitted to ride into the fortress. Normally they're isn't any vehicles permitted on the grounds in order to maintain the illusion of 17th century life. This is done only for the Cape Breton Biker Festival and really is a must do experience. All of the staff are in period costume's and play their parts like actors. There are restaurants were you can order a 17th century meal which must be eaten with only a spoon. I guess they didn't have forks and knives back in the day! Many other events and a few surprises are in store for those who attend. Last year the French troops arrested one burly biker for stealing a sheep. He was paraded through the fortress in shackles with said sheep in tow. The bleating of the sheep while the governor read the charges was enough to make some people comment on what the biker was planning to do with the animal. All in good fun!

If you plan on being in Cape Breton during the Biker Fest, register now for the Storm the Fortress Ride.

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