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Jluvs2dive wrote:
I don't have one but figured when I'm due for a new windscreen it would likely be one of these. I saw the demo, that is also on the video on their home page, at Wing Ding in Billings Montana and they had the wiper with the steel woolrunning on the demo shield all day long. One half of the shield was standard lexan the other half has the F4 coating on it. The lexan side was so scratched you couldn't see through it, the F4 coated side was still clear as could be with no evidence of scratching.


It will scratch. For example grit will scratch it. If you were to wipe it down with a rag that you had dropped on the ground and got some grit on it, this will scratch the coating and the window. The steel wool thing is a marketing trick. I still think it is a good window. Just want to get this out so you know.

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