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Thanks for your input. I have watched the video on the web site that John spoke about and that was what caught my attention. Also looking at the testimonials on the site people mention cleaning the windshield with ordinary window cleaner and paper towel. To your point that it does scratch, one of the testimonials says that the fellow doesn't use micro cloths as they pick up and retain dirt and sand so I guess that is one thing to look out for.

Regarding sizing, if I was any shorter I'd have to carry a stool to get on the bike (about 5' 3/4'') so unless I had one custom made, I will have to look through the windshield all the time. That is why the water shedding and visibility is so important to me. I know there are two schools of thought regarding looking through or over a windshield, but I've never had one I could look over. Maybe I should cut my existing one down and try it before ordering a new one. That way I would have an idea of which I preferred.

Thanks again for your comments.
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