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I got a proposition for you.

I have a '99 SE.
I bought the Saddleman Gel w/drivers backrest.
Not 'thrilled' with it.

Brand new. Bought in Dec '09. Started use in May '10.
Got 4000 miles on it.
Dark burgundy color covering.

Will a seat on a '96 fit a '99?
Will a seat on a '99 fit a '96?
What kind shape is the Russel in?
What color is the covering?
Would you be interested in a temporary swap to see if you like the Saddleman?

Shipping may be expensive back and forth but if you can find anyone closer to you to let you try one it could save you hundreds.

I am on my 3rd seat at an average of $600 each I am just about ready to give up and sell the bike. It shouldn't be this difficult.

Just a thought?


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