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stevelsd 12-08-2018 03:29 PM

Side Bags on GL 2002 Will Not Open
Hi All,
Its been the better part of 14+ years since I have been here. Time flies!

I am getting ready to sell my dear beautiful 2002 GL 1800. Only 10,600 miles on it. Yup those are the real miles! I don't want to sell it but sadly lost my employment over a year ago and finding out once you are over 60, few want to even look at your resume.

I have a couple problems I didn't ever know I had. I am kindly asking for some insight and possible solutions.

Problem One: The button to place cruise control stays on. Obviously the plunger or spring has weakened. Is this an easy fix to just remove the right controls and possibly spray some silicone?
I had to do this with the emergency/hazard button and it has worked for the last 8 years: Yes I had to remove quite a bit of Tupperware to get to it. - auuughhh)

Problem Two: The left lever inside the main bag is broke and in my hand so I cannot even release the hook for the left side bag. Is this a simple fix or will taking it to Honda cost me arm and leg?

Problem Three: The right lever inside the main bag works and releases the hook but the right side bag does not open. Is there any other way to open these side bags. I might have used these side bags 2-3 way back in 2003-2004 so I never knew I had a problem.

Thank you very very much in advance

Bike...and Dennis 12-08-2018 04:08 PM


Welcome back.

Most don't bother with that cruise button, but yes, the spray should free it up.

Someone will be along soon with answers for your bags. Meanwhile, try the search function, it may turn up the info you need.

DaveO430 12-08-2018 04:34 PM

In the bottom of the trunk on both sides is a covered hole, pop the cover off and push down on the release under them.
If the cruise is on, leave it that way, mine has never been turned off.

stevelsd 12-08-2018 07:10 PM

Thank you for the Welcome Back friend!
I am trying so hard not to sell this bike. I love my Gold Wing and your welcome was very much appreciated!!!

Ok, I use to think I was a fairly intelligent individual but I now see and realize that the levers in the trunk are a release to hold Helmut straps. :frown2: I never ever used them. Is this what life going forward will be after almost 62!!!:surprise:

So I pulled the cap off but I do not see anything that would release the side trunks.

But what is probably the important questions now is how does one open those side trunks normally. Like I said I have never opened in them in the last 14+ years.

I need to google the question and hopefully between here and google I can find the answer.

Thank you both for replying!!!!!!!!!!!

trike lady 12-08-2018 07:39 PM

Hello and welcome to the forum, glad to have U with us.

DaveO430 12-08-2018 10:18 PM


Originally Posted by stevelsd (Post 5808771)

But what is probably the important questions now is how does one open those side trunks normally.

Did you try the levers beside the trunk release, under the trunk?
If you've only put 10K on it in 14 years you must just love to polish it.

De Motormuis 12-09-2018 11:10 AM

Hallo stevelsd

Welcome back on this nice forum. Wish you al the best.
And good luck with your wing.

stevelsd 12-09-2018 02:08 PM

1 Attachment(s)
So far all is corrected or accepted. Thanks to everyone. :applause:
For the Side Bags I just had to pull harder. I was being too gentle. :whip:

Two last questions (I think) :3wisemonkeys:

Question One. The throttle is slow to spring back. Not at all snappy. I guess I never noticed it because I use my wrist to accelerate and decelerate. Never release the grip.

Is there some easy way to fix this? (silicone spray on the cable though I am not sure how to get to it)

Question Two. Can I get some estimates what to sell the bike for. Thought I would have this baby for ever. I am forced to sell because of circumstances. :crying2:
Here is the description.

2002 GL 1800 Black Gold Wing
Approximately 10,600 actual miles
Bike is in excellent shape
Never ever been laid down
New Dunlop Elite Tires with about 4000 miles
One helmet latch inside trunk broke
Throttle cable a little sluggish
2 almost brand new HJC flip helmets (Yellow and Black) Maybe 30 hours on 1; 3 hours on the other
Also comes with full Honda mechanical manual

Bike...and Dennis 12-09-2018 04:56 PM

Go to KBB motorcycle page to get a price range.

The helmets, in spite of what they cost new, are probably not worth much, if anything.

Sitting is not good for a bike, so the mileage may hurt. Some may take it as a good thing.

I think it's a real plus that the bike is basically stock.

Please update your profile to include a city.

And yes, lubing the cable will probably help, if it's not too rusted.

stevelsd 12-09-2018 05:10 PM

Thanks for the reply Dennis!

Yeah you are probably right about the helmets. Might just keep them if in case down the line we get another bike.

The bike has been insured and ridden year round so it has not been sitting around though. Out of all these years I might have missed a handful of months where it did not get ridden to the store or around the neighborhood. Work just took over my life and riding as I look back now and no it wasn't worth it. :crying2:

thanks for the tips!

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