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“Waving in the light”

Bright stripes,
Of red and white.

Big stars,

In a field of blue.

But what do the stars stand for,

Listen to me and hear the truth.

The first five,

Are for our unsung hero’s

Those sons and daughters

Who die unknown,

The light outlines their graves.

The next ten.

Are for their mothers and wives,

Grieving still they hide

From the lies.

Their tears sparkle in the light.

Ten more.

For all the soldiers,

Who do their best.

So we can have,

What we hold so dear.

The light shines on them.

Year after year.

Five more,

Hide in the folds of the cloth.

Spies we call them,

Hero’s unknown,

Their faces are hidden in the light.

Ten more.

Stand, in plain sight,

But no one sees them in the light.

Cooks and cleaners,

Armorers and mechanics.

Up so early, till late at night,

They labor behind the scenes,

To support the soldiers,

Who guard our dreams.

Nine more,

Are for the families,

Who boldly walk into the light.

With smiles and love,

And hope so bright.

Only to receive a coffin,

Draped in our tears.

And a flag to hold,

In the following years.

Last one.

Is for the hero shinning bright,

But scarred and alone

Be it day or night.

The decisions they make,

Always seem right.

And neither life nor death,

Will stay them from their path.

Stars they are forever more.

The flag to you is what it seems,

To me it’s hope and everyone’s dreams.

Waving briskly in the wind,

What it stands for now, it stood for then.

Unchanged, but not unchallenged,

It catches the eye.

Hopes and dreams flying in the sky.


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