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Post GL1000 single carb conversion. Weber 32/36 & VW type 3 manifold.

So, I finally got around to it... I converted my 79 GL1000 to a single Weber 32/36. I bought the carburetor and VW type 3 manifold for $50 on as suggested by CaptainMidnight85 and Mikuni VM34-200 flanges from

I was not impressed with the 1-1/4" runners that come on the vw manifold, especially in the bends, so I decided to ditch them in favor of thicker exhaust pipe. Ideally I would have used 1 7/16" O.D. pipe as that would fit the I.D. of the VW manifold center piece, but I was unable to locate any at a reasonable price, so I used 1-1/2" O.D. exhaust pipe. I don't have a bender, so I miter cut the pipe at 40* angles (not 45, so I could have an incline) and welded them together. 1-1/2 being too large to enter the center piece I welded the ends of the runners to my pipes to fit into the center piece.

Upon what I thought was completion, my manifold looked pretty good... unfortunately I neglected to test fit the carburetor in the bike during my planning stage... The frame interfered with the fuel inlet. SO... there went all my careful planning... I cut some pipe off one side, added it to the other, re-welded everything & sealed it with JB-Weld. I compensated more than I needed to, but it works.

I'm not impressed with my job on the runners, and I think I will re-do the runners when time allows.

I slapped the carb on without any new gaskets, no air filter, and the wrong air corrector and idle jet. Fired it up and she idled smooth at about 2000RPM and revs up to 6500RPM before sputtering out. Success! I received the air filter, rebuild kit, and proper 170 air corrector jet today, we'll see if I can get the idle around 900-1200 or so after the rebuild. The #65 idle jet I received was the wrong type... anybody know where to get an idle jet for the weber 32/36 DFEV?(not dgv)

When I get the jetting right, I'll share my numbers.
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