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A Weber Workshop Manual is invaluable if you're gonna stick with the Weber...

In it, there are charts and graphs for you to calculate your jetting for some base settings to go from in the real World of tuning it.

Knowing exactly how and why the circuits operate on those carbs is essential for final tuning, and the manual walks you through it pretty well.

Don't do yourself any injustice just yet by finalizing your set-up with whatever jetting you start-out with. It may take a while to perfect it. Your bike will Love you just that much more for the time you put into this very persnickety and necessary area of final carb tuning.

Jet expenditures can add-up pretty quick, but luckily you've chosen a extremely popular carburetor to work with, as a handful of jets can be had for a song (and maybe a $50 bill, +/-...) to tune it, and then add-in what you didn't use and re-sell the lot back onto eBay for others tocontinue the same process. Sometimes "the lot purchase program" of acquiring, and then re-sellingjets for final tuning in this way happens on the Samba also, but is pretty frequently posted on eBay.


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