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I work on a military post and what GLestersaid is correct. I ridemy 1100 65 miles every day it isn't raining (so about 355 days a year) and it's been 114 on the way home for the past two weeks. I wear the full outfit on the way in but usually "forget" to put the long sleeve shirt on when I leave. Never been stopped yet. I guess the security/guards don't want to get out of their air conditioned vehicles to make me put it on! Or they think I'm nuts for riding in this kind of heat and just take pity on me.

This week it's been over 95 degrees when I leave the house for work at 0500. 32 miles later when I get to work I'm already hot and sweating! AND IT DOESN'T GET HOT UNTIL NEXT MONTH!

Your not alone don_berryand GLester! I bought a half helmet last summer and it helps a lot in the hot weather. I don't care for it though, I prefer my full-face flip up. All but three miles each way (in town) are on the open highway with speeds from 55-70. I have highwaypegs and use them as much as possible to keep the heat off my legs. If I didn't have them I would probably take the car this time of year!


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