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I hate the DOD rules also. The safety officer at Whiteman AFB, MO will not define what a long sleeve shirt of contrasting colors is or brightly colored. DOD rules state that during the days a long sleeve shirt and at night a reflective vest. As stated you must also have eye protection unless your windshield goes over the top of your head in a upright position. Long pants, full fingered motorcycle gloves, of which I wear the summer gloves which have holes in them to let your hands breathe easier. Shoes must cover the ankles and be made sturdy. Most of the time, it depends on who is working the gate if you are allowed in.

I went to Ft. Leonard wood over the Memorial day weekend and it was the first time there since 1961. Had no problem getting on the base. Done some shopping at the BX and went out and got on my bike. The key was placed in the ignition but not started. Along came the MP's and he asked me where my helmet was. At first I thought it was on but then realized it had been left at the cashiers counter. He informed me that if a person was sitting on the motorcycle even tho it was not running a helmet must be worn. At this point I came close to calling him and idiot.

Have been trying to contact the right people who can exempt retirees and civilians from wearing all this garbage. Informed the general on base that if this old man is ever in a accident on his base that I would sue since all the garbage being required to wear was to have stopped me from having a wreck. Retirees and civilian workers are not required to have a MSF course completed to ride on base. There are some exceptions to that and if it is the case then the instillation must pay for the course.

I better stop now before the old top is blown.


Ride smart and safe

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