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Chromo wrote:
WOW, thanks for building more tools for the loaner program. Looks like a very nice tool and good work. I've never done 1500 forks yet, so I am not really sure how that tools works? When you do the testing are you going to take pics and write instructions?
WOW!! I never expected this kind of reply from you guys!!. . Thank You!!!, as for the instructions I'll take photo's with my Nikon and print them off to accompany the tool with a pictorial-step-by-step illustration of how the tool works. This way there is no confusion as tohow it works. Larry (Cudo's. You and Steve are truly my best friends. It just sucks we live so far a part. But just like Steve said if we lived closer we might all get on each other nerves to often!! NAWnobbie" I'll remind myself of the washer!!. and the "All thread Rod" I'm useing is a grade 8 3/8 x16TPI. the hole for the schrader valve is 8mm or .3150. the rod is .3750 so I need to shave if off a little but it is a lot stronger for the punishment that I will be expecting. The same goes on this end South of the Boader. If there is anything we can do to help our brothers out just PM me. Again thanks for a fine tool.The other machines have different O.D. on the forks, like the 1800 has a45mmO.D. tube and the 1100 has a 41 or 42 mm tube. I have a chart that showsthe tubes for each bike. Thanks Allan AKA Flyboy

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