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AZgl1800 07-09-2016 02:00 PM

The Arkie Okie bunch N9 trip
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1st day out, we made it up to Belleville, KS and met up with Bryan and Linda...
I had all of their pertinent info in my phone, the Note 4, and thought all was well.

2nd day out, we left Belleville at daybreak and was really lucky, cloudy and 66* to start out, at 10 AM it is only 77* and when we pulled into Hot Sprints it was just touching 90*.

Even I would have been able to make that trip.... but, you just don't know what the weather gods will throw at you over a 10 day span..... so, we have the pickup and trailer, and are taking turns driving the truck, and riding our bikes.....

I can ride when it is super cool, and Chuck can ride if he wants to. Which he plans to ride from Hot Springs to Sioux Falls and I will drive the truck.... but, it it turns off tooooo hot for Chuck, we will stop and load up his bike and he can get inside where the a/c is.

Advantages to our madness this NASSIR tour.

We went out and took a loop around north of town today, left at daybreak again and stopped for breakfast, then on to the tourist traps.... Chuck was feeling a bit off, and went back to the hotel at 10:30, I stayed one more hour with Dave and Andy and then I turned back to the hotel....

Here are a few pix that I was able to snag....
The buffalo was walking down the hill when we saw him, I snapped a couple of shots, but he was pretty far away for a snap shot.

Chuck has Leica with a zoom lens, he will have much better shots.

AZgl1800 07-09-2016 02:03 PM

Internet dropped the pictures
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try again

DaveO430 07-09-2016 09:28 PM

Andy& I continued on and went to Spearfish, through Spearfish canyon and back up through Sturgis then back down through Vanocker canyon through Nemo and back to Hot Springs. Had a good ride.

AZgl1800 07-10-2016 11:06 PM

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Today, we went west up to Devils Tower, then across to Belle Fourche for lunch and gas.

Then to Spearfish to access the upper end of Spearfish Canyon....
A beautiful ride, and very few tourists to get in the way of us enjoying the ride.

Only one real clod, running 40 in a 55 and got all bent out of shape when we found a dotted line instead of a double yellow and zoomed around him..... he tired to keep up with us for the longest, but when the speed limit changed to 70 we left him in the dust..... we think his wife had some nice words for him :rofl:

AZgl1800 07-10-2016 11:06 PM

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Looks like the EXIF file did not work right, will have to fix that tomorrow, beddie bye time for now.

harveysmedlap 07-10-2016 11:35 PM

Devils tower was one of my favorite stops when we went out west. And who would have thought Belle Fouche SD is the Geographic center of the USA. So much to see in this country and so little time to see it.

AZgl1800 07-13-2016 06:48 AM

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unless one is independently wealthy and free of daily obligations, it just is not possible to make all of the interesting places that our own country has to show us.

AZgl1800 07-14-2016 05:53 PM

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Auction is about to get started, waiting on the pizza.

BrianInPA 07-14-2016 07:40 PM

Hurry up and finish it and announce where NASSIR 10 is going to be!

DougW 07-14-2016 09:31 PM


Originally Posted by BrianInPA (Post 4750769)
Hurry up and finish it and announce where NASSIR 10 is going to be!

Short hop for you, Seneca Rocks WV.

There is a separate forum on the North American Goldwings Site for this event. It is being modified more details will be forthcoming, suffice it to say steps are being taken to be sure the event goes off nicely and with a broad appeal.

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