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As always there are two sides to the coin. The problem with having Goldwings built in the States for an American market is that they get designed for wide roads and VERY long distances (comparable to Paris-Moscow).

Most of us Europeans have to put up with traffic jams getting out of the driveway of our houses, not very wide motorways and Eastern European truck drivers. Towns and most cities are still built on the original 16th century road plan which makes manouvering and parking quite difficult.

Japan is also a country which, to say the least, is slightly congested.

This will probably lead to them designing bikes (like the ST1300 and 2012 GL1800) which are a bit more nimble in tight areas, and therefore better suited to the European (and Japenese) model of City Planning.

That being said.... the 2012 Wing does look like the aftermath of a collision between a K1600 and a ST1300 with GL1500 seat and top box. I don't likewhat i've seen so farat all.

Even so, it is difficult to accept the fact that you lost the Wing production, but believe me, it's at least as worse if not even worser over on this side of the pond.

I hope there's nothing political about the above.


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