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basilmulkey wrote:
I will check wires and r/r the pulse gen. If needed,
By chance do you know how to tell with Ohm meter a good one from bad.
PS. I do know location of reset plug.
I had a pulse generator go bad on my 02 a couple yrs. ago. If the gen. is good, it will show continuity. I can not remember the resistance value but I might have it logged in my maintenance manual. I did extensive testing on my old one before removing. It consistently show no resistance and it would not start. After a couple days of playing with it, it suddenly did show continuity and it started right up. When I received my new one I did test it and, as I stated earlier, I will see if I can find the readings.
One last thing. These things have a bad habit of suddenly working. If it fails once it will fail again. If you have an issue with it, to avoid being stranded my advice would be to change it now. You will not need to remove everything listed in the manual to change it. It can be done from the front by removing the black cowl above the lower cowl and accessing the connector there.

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