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One of the other sites I frequent is having just too much fun with this, so I thought we should give it a try.

A Photo Scavenger Hunt, You find the item, The “MARK” called for and take a picture of it with your Goldwing. If you are the first person to get the mark you get to call the next one.

Rules are simple:

1. All pictures MUST include your Goldwing with the 'mark'. If your bike isn't in the picture it does NOT count.

2. All marks must be clearly visible in picture.

3. Once a picture of the mark with your Goldwing is posted, the person who hit the mark first gets to call the next mark.

4. No law breaking allowed including trespassing to get a mark, it has to be accessible to anyone.

5. No pictures, paintings or other facsimiles of the mark in the photo, has to be the real thing, NO Photoshop type stuff.

6. Once you get a mark and call the next one, someone else has to get a mark before you can hit one again.

7. ALL MARKS WILL RECIEVE A FIVE DAY TIME LIMIT. If the mark is not found in that time a new (easier) mark needs be called.

8. The picture of the mark should be a new picture taken just for the Scavenger Hunt after the mark is called.

If you do not have a Goldwing or your Goldwing is not mobile at this time Another Motorcycle from your stable will be allowed in the picture, but this is a Goldwing forum so a Goldwing is preferable.

* Not really a rule, but let's keep it interesting, so no stupid stuff like a fence or a dog - use your imagination and your bike to get to it.

Also, naming a mark like the Washington Monument means 99% won't be able to get it but a mark like Monument would be good so make your marks accessible to most of our members and international members if possible.

If you really think about it, there are more interesting things than you could name within a 30 minute ride of anyone.

Bonus points are given (worth exactly nothing but fun to go for) for any of the following:

1. You are in the picture in addition to your bike.

2. Extra bonus points if you are wearing or have Steve Saunders Logo’ d items in the picture.

3. The person calling the mark can call for bonus points to make the item more difficult, fun or interesting. Example: The mark, Police Car, bonus points if you are in the picture handcuffed.

Let me know if there is anything that needs clarification or anything to enhance the fun.

If this catches on maybe one of the Mods could make it a sticky?

Have fun and good luck.

As an example I will start the hunt off with a mark of Sail Boat.

Here is my photo of my Goldwing with a sailboat(s).

I am calling the next mark of Water Tower.

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