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Well, I woke up about 3am yesterday,, the weather was nice out, warm/cool night, perfect riding temps!
I jumped on the 1500 about 4am and headed to Branson MO for Breakfast, heck it's only a 300 mile round trip LOL
Should only take about 6-7 hours, WRONG LOL

About 30miles or so I hit some rain and was watching lighting up ahead. Nothing Detours me when I am hungry though!
I hit West Plains Mo and I'm getting some good rain now for a bit, but I need gas so I stop in 24hr wal-mart to grab a gift card and save 10cents a gal.
I come out of Wal-mart and no rain, get gas no rain, so I hit Burger king across street for a snack till real breakfast in another 100 miles!
Still no more rain so off I head for breakfast.

I get to Branson no problem, nice great early morning ride, perfect other than that short hard rain at first. While I'm eating some nice lady is walking around passing out a flier for a Johnny Cash tribute by someone call Jackson Cash, show at 2pm and 4pm free!
Gee I like Johnny Cash, I wonder if the shows any good, figure I'll find out!

Hmm, after breakfast pretty cloudy and some light rain. What the heck, no hurry to get home, only around 9am anyway, and I want to see Jackson Cash at 2pm!
I hit Silver Dollar City for my good deed of the month LOL

I have a seasons pass and about to expire bring a friend free coupon, so I find a nice couple and get one in free and save the other $5 on their ticket.
WOW, it cost them $53 for one ticket! So I saved them $63 total!
Good deed done!
Since I am there anyway and don't cost me nothing I went to 1 show in park and then left.
Getting a little rain off and on while there.
Get out to bike and pretty good rain all the way back to Branson where I stop for coffee at the gas station. Meet a couple new people and a chit chat, get on bike and it pours till I get to the Branson Mall where the Free show is.

I leave the gas station in the rain, not much traffic right there, but OOPS right down the road a bit I hit what may be a 1 hour drive to get a few miles LOL
Knowing the short cuts a bit, I cut through the Jim Stafford theater parking lot to the back road, smooth riding to the mall from there with no traffic!
Jim Stafford by the way has a great show, seen it many times years ago.

WOW, Jackson cash was pretty good! Only about 1 hr show, at 3pm someone else performs. Being I liked the first show of Jacksons I sat through the 3pm show which was good also so I could see Jacksons second show. Kinda a first half at 2pm and second half at 4pm, not both the same show.
If you like Johnny Cash as much as I do, you gotta see Jackson Cash if you get a chance!
As close to Johnny as your going to get I bet!
Not only does he sing well, he was funny also with some light sided humor.
Jackson had just got married Sunday and his wife sings the June Carter parts in some songs. She is very talented as well and did a Nancy Sinatra solo, These Boots are made for walking, very good indeed. Both are great top notch performers and it's hard to believe they are performing free, tips only and CD sales.
While talking to Jackson after the show he gave me a free CD. I did not ask for one, we were just talking and I mentioned I just rode over for breakfast and had gotten one of his fliers so stayed to see the show.
Jackson Cash is top notch, I mean he cares about the people as well as his show and puts out every effort to please the people!
Working on tips only and CD sales, he does not push for money! As a matter of fact one of the things I am most impressed by is the way he says he wants folks to have fun be happy and so many shows costs so much many people can't afford a good time once they get there. Jackson says right there when mentioning he's working on tips and sales only, that if people are kinda broke and having a rough time, unable to get something to take home for the kids or them selves just mention it after the show to him and he'll give you a free CD or T-shirt. He says such in a nice way and is sincere about it.
There was a larger woman in a mobility scooter there during the second show I think it was. She had been there before, he did not have a shirt in her size at that time, he had one in yesterday in her size special for her and mentioned it was there. During a song she went over to get the shirt and he waved at his friend at the cd shirt table and quickly said no charge for her shirt.
Having done many show reviews in Branson and other places, and having met so many great artists, I can honestly say in many ways I am most impressed by Jackson Cash!
Not only was his show great, he sounds like Johnny, but also a great person at heart also.

Well, back to the ride which is what I started off about. So after watching the shows I headed home. It was a bit cool leaving Branson but still daylight and not bad.
It got dark not far away and the temperature dropped a bit and was wet out.
I saw a few deer, mostly on side of road and they looked at me odd as I rode by, thank goodness I did not spook them with some odd device like a Deer call, whistle, spooker LOL
Of about 1 dozen I seen in about 150 miles, NONE ran out in front of me! I did have to slow for 2 that were in the road standing, but that is why we ride in our abilities right!
Around here could as easily been throwed tire casings or lost trailer loading ramps! Ya, I almost hit a ramp once laying in the middle of a road that bounced off some trailer!

OOPS, I forgot, the heavy shirt jacket I carry for colder weather got wet and moldy in a leaky side bad so was taken out!
My long sleeved red shirt and a plastic rain jacket was not cutting it too well, so after about 80 miles I got to Wal-mart and ready to buy a new heavy shirt. 55 degrees out and Wal-mart MAY have the heavy shirts in sometime NEXT MONTH but they have had Halloween stuff now for at least 2 weeks already!!! Never trust WAL-MART to sell anything when needed! Well at least on the bright side they were open 24hrs so it gave me a place to warm up a little while looking for stuff they don't sell yet!

So, back on the road, 55 degrees, 65mph, wet air, wind chill about 35 or so, thank you wal-mart! I may get warm in another couple hours from last nights ride

If your around the area or visiting Branson from a far away place, I recomend going to the Branson Mall and seeing some of the free shows, lots of good talent there. If you can see Jackson Cash I highly recommend his show!


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