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So had the 1000 out this mornning for a compareson.
The old girl felt comfy. Liked the pegs better but am liking the boards on the 1500 so thats a draw.
The 1000 did not like sitting a week or so hard starting and cranky running. the 1500 on the otherhand just tap starter and idles nice and quite. The 2 carbs on the 1500 beat the 4 on the 1000 easy.
ride wise there both great a little diffrent but the 1000 rides real nice and the 1500 is smooth. Power wise its kinda a draw to the 1000 likes to rev and pull hard the 1500 pulls hard a low rpm.
I kinda like the sound of the harley taskeoffs on the 1000 the 1500 well what sound!!!! Oh yea the sterio.
At highway speed the 1000 was plenty fast and comfy.The big diffrence was the winshield. The 1500 and the hondaline that was on my 1100 intererstate both suck I had cut the 1500 down 6 inchs and has help some. The vetter SS on the 1000 is total awhsome It is low enoght that i can see the ground pretty much in front of the bike over the windscreen but get zero wind buffiting on my head. On the 1500 the top of the screen is level with my eyes and i can look over or thro it. looking over it I get a slight wind buffiting not bad but it there. Not shure why Honda could not have built a better setup for there windshields. I have not riden alot of other brands of touring bikes but there windshileds seem much smaller than a goldwings and i'm shure they work
So overall I don't see a winner . they are both great bikes with diffrent personalities. But I would be happy taking either around the block or cross country.

Now for the naked 1100

79 gl1000 dresser
80 gl1100I now naked
90 1500 full dress
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