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Now I bet a number of you are wondering how long this oil was in want to trys about 5 minutes....! Let me explain this. When I do a oil change back there I use whats left of the PENNZOIL as a flushing oil to get what ever gear wear and so on particals are in flush it out before I put the good stuff in.

Now to get the PENNZOIL to do this...all I had to do was drain the gear box...refill it with the pennzoil stuff....put the bike on the centre stand....start it and put it in 5th gear and let it run at a idle in most part for a few minutes. Then when I stopped the engine and climbed under...and removed the drain plug...this is what can out...nothing but FOAM...! I did the same with the amsoil...foam....what foam...there was nothing, just a hint of air bubbles in it showing that it was running....otherwise just good solid oil came out.....not soap suds...!

So on my last gear box oil change which was yesterday in fact...I used that crappy pennzoil as a gear box flush...and took photos of what comes out with just a few minutes of the bike running on the centre stand in gear.

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