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Hobie1 wrote:
It doesn't look right. Almost like it's got water in it. With the weight advertised, it should be thicker. Your Amsoil might of not liked the change.I wonder how it was still foamy coming out of the differential after sitting for a while.

I use synthetic 80-90w and it takes a while to drain.

Anyway, I'm not buying any of that stuff. Somethings not copacetic.

Trust me there is NO there what so ever. I have a new GL1800 and I have been doing oil changes in the rear unit ever 5,000 Km's during its break in so that the great bulk of the wear in particals are gotten outa there. Once the bike hits the 30,000 Km's point then it will be reduced to a oil change once a year...maybe once ever 2 years, depending on how many KM's I put on it in any given year. So far I have had the bike for just about 6 months now...and have put 22,000 on it since it was new. Gee can you tell I ride...just a little....

Clearly pennzoil in the GL1800's gear box does not work foams like crazy and this is NOT good...!


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