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I am a new owner of a 1977 Gl1000. Black and Blue. 44,000 Miles. Near perfect. New tires , tune , time belt , fluids, hoses etc... Ready for another 35 years. Plexi fairing and ST. Tour pack. Daily driver, Grocery getter, Work truck...
I am also a Harley guy, had every model for the last 20 years. Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and a few Oddballs.
I have been riding for 40 years, almost every day. My first real bike was a Honda 50cc. At one point years ago I counted the bikes I have owned and I Could not believe I had gone thru 100 motorcycles.
Now years later and compulsive behavior , Multi bike syndrome, I have had over 150 bikes. Sometimes as many as ten at a time. My wife thinks I have a problem. My only problem is I can't afford and dont have the room to keep them all.
I love them all. Well the point is I made a list of all the bikes, I thought for sure the Harley would be #1. NO, HONDA is #1 in my history. 55 Hondas. the oldest a 64 Dream and the newest an 06 ST. In between almost every CC and almost every model.
CB. CL. SX. Super Hawks, Valkyrie, Wings, Shadows, VFR, on and on. 50,100,175,250,305,350,450,500,650,700,750,900,100 0,1200,1500. Man Honda makes it all. Generators, mowers, autos. I LOVE Honda.
Just thought I would share, every one has a memory. I have NEVER been left on the side of the road on a Honda except for a flat tire or 3 or 4.
I hope I am not the only nut so I thought I would like to hear from others that have an extensive Honda History. Randayn

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