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Sounds like a fun game, lets see Bridgestone, Yamaha, Honda, Yamaha, Honda, Yamaha, Yamaha, Yamaha, Honda, BMW, Honda, Yamaha, Honda, and Honda. This doesn't include the kid's bikes that we went through Looks like I have a tie between Yamaha and Honda, although there was only 1 Yamaha street bike compared to 3 Honda street bikes. My final count is 3 Hondas that I still own. I'll probably get rid of one Honda come next spring (the shaddow) and don't know what I will replace it with if I do. If I needed to replace the Wing I'm not sure I would pick another Wing, although I have no complaints and love the bike. The only reason not to go with a Wing is to just be able to ride something different.

Honda make great bikes (and their other small engines are good too). I'm sure their 4 wheeled vehicles are ok but never been impressed by any of them. I am basically a cheapskate and that's why older Hondas appeal to me. What other motorcycle just keeps plugging along with basic maintenance. I don't think I ever had a Honda I wore out. Well the XR400 blew up on me but the previous owner beat the crap out of it before I got it. It gave me a couple years of great service before it died.

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