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William_86 wrote:
Great Info Rudy!. just wondering, next to the CB, you didn't used the front speaker connector, you used the rear speakers output to feed your audio system right?, it gives you the output for the 4 channels?
I used my own wiring for the speakers so I could beef them up. The only reason I used the rear speaker harness plug was to get the amp's 2 channel speaker outputs to the rear of the bike without adding more wiring.

In the rear speaker pods, I disconnected the stock speaker harness from the speakers and plugged into them so I could get the radio amp output and send it over to the speaker-to-line converters in the trunk. Remember the speakers were all rewired with my own heavier wire, including the rears.

The 2-4 channel conversion happens in the equalizer. It takes two channels in and provides 6 channels out. 2 for front speakers, two for rear speakers and 2 for sub-woofers (if used).

So the equalizer provides the balance and fade without having to cook a cheapie wire wound fader pot.

I didn't use the stock harness front speaker wires at all so that is why they were left open.


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