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Just about got everything packed up and ready to go for a hunting trip, depending on success could be up to 3 weeks away. Hope we don't get our game too early, that would mess up a great holiday LOL

We will be camped out in the middle of nowhere basically, but lots of logging etc in the area. The Mrs is coming along for 4-5 days, then back home for a bit, then she will most likely return for another few days.

And yes we have packed enough gear to start our own small city.....better to take it along and not need it than not take it and wish ya had ;o)

My ole hunting partner has come on up as well, he is in pretty rough shape but nice to see him out. I don't imagine he will hunt much but at least he is out and about, last year was touch and go for him. Another friend from Prince Rupert will be joining us on the 15th.

Hoping to have lots of fun, and if lucky have a side benefit of filling the freezer, if not oh well it will still be a great trip )

Cya all in 3 weeks )

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