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AZgl1800 01-17-2019 01:54 PM

Time to kick the 'Obit' into orbit.....

in the last two days, we have had more activity than our sister, *.Docs

just today, since midnight, we have had 3 times the activity...

Indianawantsme 02-17-2019 03:30 PM

This has entertained me for a while even though I SHOULD be doing other stuff today.
This site and friends that I made and still see were absolutely great when I had my 88.
When I bought my '12 a few years ago there was a lot more info for it on another site. Now that site mostly has talk about the 2018 instead of my dinosaur '12. LOL
This site has more people that have gotten 1800's in the last couple of years.
So if I can help anyone with a 1500 or 1800 i might be able to.

See you at NASR12!!!!!!

Rudy 02-17-2019 04:41 PM

I returned for three reasons.. one, John asked me to when he came for a visit. Two, Flylow PM'd me at Christmas to see how I was doing. And three, I wanted to stop in and see how many of the good guys were still here and hopefully not the troublesome ones.

When I got in to respond to Flylow, I looked around and liked what I saw except the traffic was down.

I had noticed that activity in all forums rarely ran off the Active Topics page per 24 hr period.

I have heard from several members that the reason they left more than anything was the commercial nature of the forums did not have the soul that Steve and Wexy had. And I'll admit I miss that.

But beyond that, members leaving tends to cause more members leaving and after a while, it's difficult to hold the interest of those coming in or staying.

Over the years, this forum had several things going for it and generally people were here for one or more of them.

Technical help
Broad topic interest
Humor and fun
Verbal bantering between members

I found it interesting that gripers often poo pooed the segments they weren't intersted in as detracting from what they thought it should be about.

Steve and Wexy did a good job of staying out of most of it and letting the thing grow.

When I was in it before I stayed logged in most of the day and got notices about new posts. Now with the slower traffic I just check in several times a day to see if anything is going on.

Personally I have no interest in feeding the rich data harvesters with my content and have very few reasons to need responses in real time.

But I'm glad you guys are here and I plan to hang around and entertain my interests like before.

Thing is it's hard to hit all the items on my list but the closer we can get to that, the more we are likely to attract the kinds of interesting people we now miss.

Personally we might be happy for these slower more comfortable times than when we had the list of members online at the bottom. I thought that was useful but might not be wise during these times.

AZgl1800 02-17-2019 05:13 PM

Adding the two new forums at Top Level has boosted our daily post count quite a bit...
it also seems to be influencing more posts in the regular forums.

Hope that this continues.

I got a neat tip from Rudy today, about "Threema", a secure SMS app....
I installed it, and pushed some buttons down Atlanta way.... :)

Rudy 02-17-2019 05:24 PM

One thing I forgot to mention.
I don't believe this place would be here now if weren't for John's dedication to it and to Trike Lady's assistance with the mod stuff.

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