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Yes I have a lot of experiance rebuilding carbs. Replaced all rubber parts, carbs where dipped in carb cleaner. These things where in pretty bad shape. Alot of gunk in them most passages where pretty well pluged. accel squrter would only drip on one side the other side nothing at all.

Took her out for a good romping today. And adjusted the idle speed screw by the fuel tank. Seems to be better. In another tread here I read of a guy haveing the same problem and the vac leak was u8nder the rubber shroud below the carbs. I was going to check all vac lines under there and for got. Thats what happen when get to thing over a long period of time.

After I had all the plastics on I remembered about checking under the rubber. Wanted to get her back together before I moved to my new place. After I am moved and settled I will rip her apart and check all vac line under there. And go thru everything front to back. Now most of my experiance is in cars. After working on my first bike a few years ago they don't SCARE the crap out of me anymore.

This one does have the 4th gear problem. Have not decided if I goin to split the case's and fix the trans or buy a complete engine assm. Have found some at a really goood price.......JD

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Yeah it\'s a work in progress.....
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