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I don't believe there is actually any mechanical difference between the 3.09 ratio and the 3.1 ratio. I do believe that it is a typo at the factory. I did a spread sheet to determine how many teeth were needed on the ring gear and the pinion gear and for one of the ratios mentioned there is no combination of teeth that would create that ration. I don't remember which one it was but my conclusion was that the two numbers are actually the exact same ratio in the actual application. I agree that numerically they are both possible, but not mechanically. Changing the final drive won't accomplish anything. The fifth gear ratio will make some small difference. Changing the tire size will accomplish much more. Don't fit one that rubs on the swing arm or other parts.

As to the bike struggling to get to 80mph, that is not a gear ratio problem. Also the high miles per gallon is not indicative of a strong running engine. Look for something else that is keeping the top speed so low.

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