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It's true that an "official" Harley dealer does not support their customers much if any better than Japanese dealers. What sets Harley apart is the simplicity of their bikes (easy to work on and less to go wrong) and the absolutely unbelievable aftermarket support they have. Parts, service, and repairs are readily available for ANY Harley of ANY year, even if it's 100 years old. You can buy a brand new Harley Knucklehead engine, built way better than the original with modern manufacturing technology. Try buying a brand new engine for your early Goldwing. Initial quality is not worth a whole lot if it is not made to be rebuilt and/or repaired.

Even if I had the money, I would not buy a new Goldwing every ten years, just on principal alone. The price of a new Goldwing (or Harley) pretty much makes it a lifetime investment.

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