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One point that needs to be considered about quality. The water cooled engines inGoldwings last a lot longer than an aircooled HD engine. Air cooled engines are never as long lived as a water cooled engine. Simply because air cooled engines expand and contract much more than water cooled one because they operate through a much wider heat range. To compensate for that air cooled engines have to be built with much larger clearances in moving parts to prevent seizing. Not so for water cooled engines. Since a brand new air cooled engine has more clearence in the pistons, rings, bearing, etc, than water cooled ones it's as though the new air cooled engine is already half worn out compared to the water cooled one.

The reason you can get parts for old Harley is because Harley Davidson's marketing and old Hollywood movies popularized these bikes. They're not popular because of their technical excellence but because of excellent marketing of their, "mystique". That keeps them popular and aftermarket producers providing accessories and parts. Goldwings are not as popular and are not sold in large enough numbers to keep after marketers going. So it's a good thing that a 'Wing engine can go 250-300 thousand miles without major repairs with decent maintenance. Try that with an air cooled bike.

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