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Hi folks.

I was contacted by my friend Whiskerfish,

who I know from NakedGoldWings

Hementioned that you could

do with a 'how-to' change timing belts.

I'd be more than happy to help a bunch of fellow Wingers

so here it comes:

Update by wingnut; Whiskerfishalso kindly gaveus the followingtutorialin PDF format for anyone who wants to download it. It's 700kbs file sizeand you canCLICK HERE to download it.

This thread is for a 77 GL1000

Any reference to Right means 'right' as seen from sitting on the bike
NOT as you see it on the pictures

Any reference to Left means 'left' as seen from sitting on the bike
NOT as you see it on the pictures

The [T-1] mark means the T mark on the crank
under witch you'll find a [F] and the number [1 ]

What you need:
..a set of timing belts
part #14400-371-04/14400-371-14 for the early models
(later models 78-79 have different number ...mmmm???)
or alternatively Randakk suggests:
Gates #T274
NAPA #250274
Goodyear Gatorback #40274 (available at AutoZone and others)

..a 12 mm ring spanner with a decent 'offset' (more on that later)

...and maybe a set of 'tension rollers'
part # 14510-371-008
(they are about 60$ a piece (!!!))

Oh yeah; you need to remove the radiator...well not strictly,
but I wouldn't want to do this job without removing way!

Remove front covers:

...remove spark plugs (you don't wonna turn the engine with the plugs in position.-)

...remove generator bolt cap

so you can get in there with your offset 12mm rings spanner.(This is where it needs to be offset)

This is the way the engine/crank will be turned during this procedure.

...remove timing mark cap

turn engine as described above until the T-1 mark aligns with
engine block marks (it looks a little 'out' on the photo. It's the angle)

AND (this is important)
the pulley marks aligns with the marks on the engine cover
like here on LEFT side (seen from sitting on bike..remember)


RIGHT side

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