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...release left tensioner bolts

..remove belt

..put on new belt

Check the tensioners or 'tension roller'.
You may think they are 'fine' : they 'roll' and don't make funny sounds?
You wont know until you've had a set of new rollers in your hands:
They should be real 'tight' as a set of new roller bearings...witch I think
they are, in fact.
If they appear 'dry' or make any sounds; re-new and get rid of that high pitched whining sound associated with 'dry' rollers.

..this is how they go in left side (photo-right)

and the spring attaches

...pulleys in correct position (both crank pulley and cam pulley)
...belt tight at the bottom
...tension roller loosely attached
(let the spring do the tension. On photo it is not on yet...ooops)

..check crank marks again

and check cam pulley marks again

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