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...attach right tension roller
(goes on like this)

and put on new belt

...check marks again

and re-re check crank marks

Now the new belts are on and tensioner roller bolts are not yet

Now for 'adjusting' the belt tension:

LEFT side: (right photo-side)

check what mother Honda says:

NOTE: the spring pressure automatically positions the tensioner no 'extra' pressure' on the tensioner before tightening the
tensioner back plate bolts!!!

..easy! But how about the RIGHT side with that cam pulley
being forced into a roll by the cam lobe.
Mothership Honda is not telling!

There's been much talk in the forum about how to get the
same tension on the right belt,
and now I've finally found the perfect procedure/explanation
in "Motorcycle Mechanics" magazine from February 1978 (!!!)
I that nerdy....or what?! ho ha

"To tension the right hand..[snip]..the engine should be turned
through 360 degrees and the little arrows on the
cam-wheels should then face inwards

...this is by the way, with the engine once more
positioned at "T1".
(*) You then do the same trick with
the tensioner
(and the spanner as per Honda) locking
it up after the spring has done its job


(*) this might sound a bit confusing
but remember:
it takes 2 revolutions of the crank shaft
for each revolution of the cam shaft.

Now: re-check everything..all marks

Turn the engine by hand a few times

just to make sure the valves and pistons don't hit each other in case a mistake was made.

..and re-check

Do yourself (or future owners) a favor and mark down the
time and km/miles for the belt replacement

Check/re-adjust valve clearance
and check/re-adjust ignition timing

New belts CAN move the ignition timing a much as a few degrees according to Randakk.

Live happily ever after!

Best regards


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