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scot wrote:
hey vic, thx for your speedy reply. do you know if the napa belts 250070 can be used
for the belt/belts changing as i am about to plunge into that project.

changing oil can you use castrol synthetic 5-50 wt oil on the gw [wet clutch and all]
you hear so much pro and con on the oil subject.

thx scot

Napa 250070 is the correct number for the two belts you need Scot.

Regarding the oil, I haven't had good luck with synthetics in the older Wings so I stick with my favorite, Castol GTX 10W40 or 20W50 for motorcycles. I found that under severe high performance usage there was clutch slippage, but I will shift at 7500 RPM. Not many guys spin their Wings up that high so they would never notice any slippage like I would. With the Castrol GTX for motorcycles I have never noticed any clutch slippage. The other thing I had happen with synthetic oilwas a blown seal on the first cold start after installing the synthetic oil. After I did some research on synthetic oil I discovered that synthetic oil can build flow and velocityat a more rapid pace than regular oil because the molecularcomposition causes the molecules of the oil to cling tighter together therefore the oil impacts much harder against seals and gaskets uponfirst start when cold. Regular oil apparently has a built in cushion because the molecules are not so closely bound. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of oil.

Comments about oils are a real can of worms. Some guys swear by the synthetic oils with the red caps and gold caps and purple capsand if that oil works for them that's great, but it sure didn't work for me.

So, you decide for yourself which oil you're going to use because it seems like no matter which oil is discussed one is bad and the other is a miracle then the next day the very same oil isjunk because another is supposed to be better.

Just use a quality oil that meets or exceeds the API standards recommended (SF or better)for your bike and remember the oil standards for your bikehave been exceeded many time over since your bike was new.


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