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I do see the points made here, but I really do think that a longer lasting, (and perhaps even safer), tire is in everyones best interest... I'm sure most of you can remember the bias ply tires we used to drive on back in the day that were lucky to get 25,000 on a small care? Now were getting well over 60,000, and with less problems! I'm not at all against using a CT on a motorcycle personally, but unless studies are done and statistics kept, no one has all the facts... I can also tell you that tires have improved a lot for motorcycles since I began riding big bikes. I only used to get a few thousand miles on a rear, and twice that on the front in the early seventies!

Having said all of that, if you still think my questions are unrealistic then I guess we just disagree... I think that Honda can, and should do better!

As for trailers, I pull one, and have not had any problems doing so... That does not mean that everyone is capable of doing so, anymore than I'm capable of keeping up with sport bikes in the twisties. I'll never have those kinds of skills again, (and really don't care to). Everyone is different.

Now relax a little, go take a ride or something... ;-))
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