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Its just that us Type A personalities hate being told what we can and can't do. As you must know, the usual intelligent response from a Type A is "Oh yeah, watch me!" Its why we show up earlier in the obits. Its also why Type A's are the most innovative people on the planet. Wonder what they said to the Wright brothers when they said they wanted to fly. If they'd had to get permission from material manufacturers or their lawyers we'd still be looking at the birds and marveling at how they do it. And what about Chuck? Imagine him asking if the manufacturer would stand behind the product and give him assurances he wouldn't explode when he broke the sound barrier.
If we had to wait for 'permission' from Mother Honda for every bobble, piece of bling or modification the world would be a far duller place. And they would be far richer. Mother Honda will not even endorse aftermarket parts.

As to your argument that motorcycle tire technology on TOURING bikes has improved I will agree to disagree. While the tech on car tires has increased their longevity at least 4X since the seventies, the same may not be said of Goldwing tires. I've owned every series but the 1800 and the tech has not even doubled the mileage I get out of a MT. I understand why it is that way. No money in testing/improving such a small market.

If a CT is not in your future I will respect that. But as I posted earlier, until I find even one CT-caused Goldwing accident, I will be an ardent supporter of what I consider to be a superior product. And the MT riders will continue to post threads about their cupped, 'singing', out-of-round, blemished, cracked, shredded, slippery, low mileage rubber.

I'd rather discuss the effectiveness of Deer Whistles.


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