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Wingmaster Shamus wrote:
I would like to know what exactly Honda has to say about using automobile tires on their bikes?


I'll answer your original question. (I'm not interested in the whole CTdebate, to each their own.)

The only reference I have found in any official Honda publication regarding car tires is in the Owner's Manual under Tires:

Here's the section from my '06 GL1800 Owner's Manual:



Important Safety Reminders:

* Do not install a tube inside a tubeless tire on this motorcycle. Excessive heat build-up can cause the tube to burst.

* Use only tubeless tires on this motorcycle. The rims are designed for tubeless tires, and during hard acceleration or braking, a tube-type tire could slip on the rim and cause the tire to rapidly deflate.

* Do not install a bias-ply tire on this motorcycle. Mixing bias-ply and radial tires can adversely affect handling and stability.

* Do not install CAR TIRES on this motorcycle. During installation the tire may separate from the rim with enough force to cause serious injury or death.

* When replacing tires, use only the recommended tires as shown above and on the tire information label. Use of other tires on the model equipped with ABS may impair proper ABS function. The ABS computer works by comparing wheel speed. Non-recommended tires can affect wheel speed and may confuse the ABS computer.


I have personally not seen car tires mentioned in any other official Honda publication.

(Note: I highlighted the car tire info above so you could find it easier. It is not highlighted in the manual.)

The same safety note regarding car tires is in my friend's '97GL1500 Owner's Manual as well.

My '87 GL1200 Owner's Manual does not contain a note about car tires in that same tire safety notice section. Perhaps that pre-dates run flat car tires, I'm not sure.

So, there are the official Honda references.

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