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96ASPENCADE, I once thought of going darkside. I contemplated and did the research yall have done by reading darksider forums and figuring what was the best tire and which wasn't. I was so determined to go darkside that I even contemplated having my 1200 rim machined to be able to accepted a car tire. I found several places here in Fort Worth that would do it for $40 a rim. This is when I decided to delve deeper and actually do the engineering research to find out how this is going to affect my bike. Like Shamus wanted, I also wanted to hear from the horses mouth. Or in other words hear the other side of the story instead of looking for information that doen't exist. The information that you and every other darksider wants does not exist. I have spent spent months looking for it and nobody, not the NHTSB, NHTSA, or any state or local government agency has down a study as to delinate between a car tire or a motorcycle tire mounted on a motorcycle. When and if the law enforcement doesan accident investigation, it is only to find who is at fault, not what caused it. Only insurance companies would request that deep of investigation. That's only going to happen if someone sues. To make a comparsion is like you are asking to find out why a 2x4 spanning 25 feet on a flat roof in Canada won't make a good rafter. The engineers have already done the math, experiments, and the science that says it doesn't work. This is where I find quite confusing, you will trust other engineers in their discipline, but not tire engineers.

As far as the facts I have presented in this thread, well. they are easy enough to research if you disbelieve me. The "Hurt Report" is posted online for you to read. The Laws of Friction, just google it and read the first two laws. The chemistry of the tire is also easy one to research. If you want the design criteria, that is very hard to come by, I will gladly pass it on to you. Just PM me your email address. I cannot figure out how to attach a word document in aPM. Since the writing of the research, I have gotten a car tire test back from Hancook tires which I will add to the research paper eventually. It is truly enlighting as to what stress are put on a cartire when mounted on a car while cornering. The reason why is because a motorcycle creates much more lateralforces on the tread area than a car when cornering.

RGbeard did post a link on different thread showing a motorcycle going through the dragon with a car tire on it. The rear tire lost traction in the middle of the corner and started to fishtail to the left. When the tire caught traction again, the bike was sideways in his lane and therefore the rider high sided the bike. But when it was posted, everyone just dismissed as poor rider ability, nobody wanted to blame the tire for losing traction.

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